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Entrepreneurs Enlisted as of January 1st

Lili gives a short, but solid course in finance with examples and simple explanations, that anyone can follow. By following the steps and returning each week for the duration of the training, anyone should be able to apply the steps and resources provided and be on their way to raising capital from the right sources and starting a company.
Mike Newton

Lili is an incredible teacher. She is able to explain and sum up so many important concepts for an entrepreneur and for startups: create a financial model, find your right investor, find alternatives (crowdfunding, friends, and family) and much more. Every lesson is concise, clear and plentiful of useful info! A must for entrepreneurs and startups!

Pamela Bini

This is another solid course from Lili. It gives a great break down of working with financials for your business as well as ways to create contacts that can help you succeed. It provides a wealth of value on raising capital and understanding what it takes to help your business prosper financially.

Mark Robinson

Lili Balfour

Lili Balfour


Lili Balfour has advised over 100 companies, who have gone on to raise over $200 million from investors around the world. She is the author of Master the Finance Game, a Wall Street Journal Guest Mentor, a contributor at Fox Business News, a blogger for The Huffington Post, a guest contributor for HuffPost Live, and a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley.