Looking for a DIY solution? Atelier Advisors has created several online courses for entrepreneurs who are just getting started. You will learn how to develop a monetization strategy, build a financial model, create an investor pitch, find investors, and manage the entire process of raising capital.

All courses provide lifetime access and a money back guarantee!


30 Days of Mentoring

Need motivation? Learn how to build a profitable company, make money, and raise capital the easy way in this 30 day paced course.


Lean Finance for Startups

Everything an entrepreneur needs to know about entrepreneurial finance and finding investors.


How to Crowd Fund a Million Dollars

Learn how to raise money online with crowdfunding, using techniques that have yielded millions of dollars in 30 days.


3 Steps to Raising Capital Fast

Entrepreneurs will learn how to:

  • Develop a roadmap to manage the process.
  • Locate relevant, active angel investors.
  • Communicate pertinent data to close a deal.
  • Manage all legal and administrative aspects.


Want to learn more about entrepreneurial finance?