Atelier Advisors was founded by a Silicon Valley native, Lili Balfour, to serve early-stage companies.

Over the past 20 years, she has worked in investment management for a group of investors, technology M&A for a Silicon Valley-based investment bank, client intake for Heller Ehrman Venture Law Group, and traditional investment banking for a New-York-based investment bank.

Since inception in 2007, Atelier Advisors has advised over 200 clients on their funding strategy. We are not incentivized by our clients raising large amounts of capital. To the contrary, we believe companies should take the least amount of capital possible to avoid unnecessary dilution.

We have advised clients on revenue-based loans, crowd funding campaigns, venture debt, traditional venture capital, angel funding, and acquistions.

Atelier Advisors allows you to outsource the CFO, business development, and investorĀ relations function so you can focus on building your company.